Welcome to Oblong Resource Centre!

Welcome to Oblong! Based at Woodhouse Community Centre in Leeds we provide advice, support and facilities for local people who want to make a difference through volunteering and community projects.

ChangeCheck Survey 2014 - Take Part

Tell us how you think we've made a difference.

Oblong's impact - Change Check community survey


Oblong's impact - Change Check community survey

Can you help find out what difference we make - and what we could do differently?

We need volunteers to help us survey people in the local area. This survey work gets to the heart of the impact Woodhouse Community Centre makes in the area. It’s a great opportunity for Oblong to really connect and engage with local people’s feelings and ideas, and get feedback on the work we do - so we can act on it.

If you live locally and could spend a few hours collecting 10 responses, this would be a massive help. We need volunteers to interview their neighbours or knock door to door to guide people through the responses. This should take you 3 to 5 hours, total, over four weeks, between 21st July and 16th August.

We will brief you on what to do, how to complete the survey properly, and how to make sure you stay safe. We’ll provide copies of the surveys. We’ll ask each volunteer to get 10 surveys completed.

You can gain skills, experience and confidence as well as a chance to make a connection with people in your neighbourhood.

We use the information gathered to shape our long-term planning and to support funding bids for projects to address the issues people raise. It’s crucial work that has a real effect on what Oblong does at Woodhouse Community Centre. Your help will be much appreciated.

If you are able to help, please get in touch with mark@oblongleeds.org.uk or ring 01132459610.

Basic IT classes at Woodhouse Community Centre

Get IT Together Leeds Woodhouse.jpg

Do you need help with using a computer or do you know someone who could do with help?

Come along and play with our computers & get FREE advice about how to explore the internet.

You might want to learn how to search for your favourite hobby, find out about free trips and things to do during the school holidays, save money on bills, communicate with friends and family using Facebook, e mail, and or get easy access to local services.

Get IT Together Leeds is supported by BT’s Connected Society programme, BT’s commitment to help people right around the world gain the skills and confidence they need to join the online community.

When: Mondays starting 23th June 2014 11:00 to 14:00
Where: Woodhouse Community Centre, 197 Woodhouse Street, LS6 2NY.

All ages welcome! Don’t be shy or frightened help will be available on the day as well as information about loads of free things you can get using the internet. It could change your life for the better.

Re-Launching the Food Co-op

Over the past few months we've been working hard at reviewing and developing the Food Co-op. We are planning to re-launch the Food Co-op between mid June and early July. The service we offer will include members being able to order a range of fruit and veg on-line to be collected at the Centre. We really need help before the launch with publicity, social media and the web site development, though there are a number of roles that we also need volunteers for.

If you would like to help out with this exciting development then please contact Mark Southwell - mark@oblongleeds.org.uk

The full list of volunteer opportunities includes:

- weekly accounting and finance report at meetings
- setting budget and being in charge of financial planning
- monitoring actual versus budget
- inducting other worker-members to the finance of the food co-op

Food order to supplier
- to download the form summarising the overall order per produce from the database and forward it to the supplier (x days before delivery)
- to gather the number of orders from the database (should include both, online and offline orders) and contact the number of volunteer needed for the week

Food packing
- print individual customer order sheet
- get the packing material (scales, boxes, bags, gloves, etc.)
- do the packing and attach the order sheet to each order
- to store the orders for them to be picked up
- clean the packing room and put back the packing material

Taking customer order
- to be at Oblong at specific time to take people’s order
- to take payment from customer and follow a procedure when handling cash
- to enter each order on the database
- handing out paper copies of the information present on the web page such as events and recipe cards
- chatting with customers and collecting feedbacks

- elaborate, discuss and implement a publicity strategy for the food co-op and associated events
- coordinate publicity tasks (flyering, being active on social media, etc)

Membership liaison / coordinator
- checking and dealing with food co-op email on a weekly basis
- weekly update of the web page in terms of event and announcement
- reporting customer feedback to meetings
- coordinate organising events

Web page maintenance
- fixing issues and making technical improvements

Oblong Network - better, stronger, faster

The Oblong ICT collective has been working hard over the last few months to roll out some network upgrades. As some of you may or may not be aware Windows XP is not supported anymore and we need to upgrade to Windows 7 to keep everything secure.

The good news is Windows 7 will slowly be rolled out over the next month along with Office 2013 onto the desktops at the centre, we are also taking this opportunity to speed up the network so browsing speed should be improved.

One of the downsides to this is that we will no longer have the money or expertise to pay for a professional file server with user logins, dont worry though you wont lose anything we will be backing volunteers data stored on user profile onto their very own Oblong branded 2GB USB stick.

Due to the size of the media files the Media Collective work will still have a access on the macs and be backed up as normal.

Dates for the diary

11th - 13th April we will be backing up volunteer data onto USB sticks and removing user logins.

15th April desktops will have guest login only and volunteers will be able to sign for their own 2GB USB stick with their data as of 11th April.

17th April on-wards we will be updating the desktops with Windows 7.

Early may we will be updating the broadband speed for all the desktops.